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Evolution Private Training

Why Hire a Private Trainer?

  • You’re not getting results from your existing training
  • You’re new to training and unsure where to start
  • You’re bored with your current routine
  • You need accountability and motivation
  • You have an injury, illness or medical condition
  • You’re training for a specific sports event.

Evolution offers private training sessions with individual programs designed for you and your goals. Our coaches have years of experience training everyone from youth through professional athletes and adults.

Training in a one on one setting puts all of the attention on what you want to accomplish. Our clients have experienced increased sports performance, fat loss, strength gains, seamless returns from injury, and an overall sense of feeling better.

Let us make your goals a reality.

Private Training

No training will get you to your individual goals faster than one-on-one training. That's why Evolution offers private training lessons...

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Team Training

Being a team player requires special skills. Evolution builds them, strengthening everything from linear speed...

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Evolution Alumni

Evolution has helped its alumni continue playing their sport at not only the collegiate level, but some even at the professional level as well... Learn more

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