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Elite (18+ College and Professional)

Reinforce proper mechanics, continue to improve speed, agility, and explosive power/strength, and be challenged to meet your individual goals. 

Evolution’s Elite Program is reserved for college and professional athletes and is designed to prepare them for the next level of performance. With coaches who played at the same level as the athletes we train, we understand how important summer workouts can be, so we prepare every workout to help you get to the next level!

Evolution’s elite program can be customized in class environment, individual one-on-one training or a combination of both. Each program can be designed for a myriad of athletic needs, from post injury recovery to collegiate or professional preparation.

Each session incorporates a customized strength program to maximize force production and use multiple joints functionally in a way that stimulates the same patterns as the sport you play. By maximizing strength and power, the athlete will be able to apply more force while running, jumping, throwing and all other motions used on the field.

Although college and professional athletes generally move better than most, we still devote a portion of each session to improving these techniques in order to get the most efficient body possible.

Speed drills are mastered and then performed at “game speed” so it will become a natural motion and ready to use when it’s game time.

Conditioning is a big part of college sports, and we all know how hard it is to get to the field and do it yourself. Why not come in to our field and do it with the rest of your “team”. You’ll always train harder when you have someone to push you through it, and training with other elite athletes will keep you pushing yourself to your limits and finding new ones.

Evolution has trained athletes in the NFL, Major League Baseball and NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 athletics.

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